This site is dedicated to the entrepreneurs located in Montreal and its surrounding communities who want to sell their businesses. Michael MacIntyre is a business intermediary, well positioned to find suitable buyers and assist with the business transition.

Confidentiality: Steps are taken to preserve confidentiality from employees, suppliers and creditors until the deal is done.

About Selling Your Business


Selling your business is a process with many aspects: confidentiality, valuation, preparation for sale, positioning, effective advertising without identifying the business, buyer screening, and skilled negotiations, all while managing the whole process. All prospective buyers must sign confidentiality agreements before receiving specific information.

Michael MacIntyre is a business intermediary with wide experience in management and technical areas. He is associated with the Sunbelt network which is present both in the Montreal area and internationally. Michael has sold all the types of businesses listed in this site and others, all located in the Montreal region.

Michael will welcome your call and we can get together for a confidential discussion about your particular situation, at no charge. Note that you are only charged if there is a closing and that charge happens at the time of closing.

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